02 Mar 2016

Trade List

This section listed my spare CPUs which are available for trade or sale. Please Contact Us if you are interested in trade or purchase any from list below.

Intel — List updated Mar 2019

Model SSPEC Note
80486 OD
Model SSPEC Version
ODPR486DX-25 SZ698 B1
ODPR486DX-33 SZ878 V3.0
DX4ODPR100 SU004 V1.1
Model SSPEC Version
A80501-60 SX835 with "PROCESSOR" Logo
A8050260-100 Q0697 ES
A80502-90 SX909
Pentium Pro
Model SSPEC Version
KB80521EX-133 Q0815 ES
KB80521EX200 Q936 ES
KB80521EX200 SL22V
KB80521EX200 SL254
KB80521EX200 SL22T
Pentium II and PII OD
Model SSPEC Version
80522PX233512 Q335 ES