02 Mar 2016

Trade List

This section listed my spare CPUs which are available for trade or sale. Please Contact Us if you are interested in trade or purchase any from list below.

CPU — List updated Mar 2016


4004 - 8080
Brand Model Package Comment
Intel C4002-1 White Ceramic 5 Series
Intel C4003 Gray Ceramic Deoldered
Intel C4003 White Ceramic Socket Pull
Intel C4003 White Ceramic Deoldered
Intel C4289 White Ceramic Memory Interface
Intel C8008 Brown Ceramic Left Ground Strap NOS
Intel C8008 Purple Ceramic No Ground Strap NOS
MSI MF8008R Ceramic NOS Gold Cap
Siemens SAB80081-C Ceramic NOS
Intel C8080 White Ceramic N1602
Intel C8080A Purple Ceramic Gold Cap
Intel C8086 Purple Ceramic Black Cap
NS INS8080AD/C8080A White Ceramic Gold Cap

Model SSPEC Version
- - -

80486 OD & Pentium OD
Model SSPEC Version
ODP486SX-25 Q696 A4 ES
ODP486SX-25 SZ800 A4 B1
DX4ODP75 SZ923 V1.0
DX4ODP75 SU001 V1.1
DX4ODPR100 SU004 V1.1
PODP3V125 SU125 Blue Fan

Model SSPEC Version
TT80802-75 Q0564 NOS
A80501-60 SX835 with "PROCESSOR" Logo
A80501-60 SX974
A80502-90 SX923
Pentium Pro
Model SSPEC Version
KB80521EX-133 Q0815 ES
KB80521EX166 Q0864
KB80521EX200 Q034
Pentium II and PII OD
Model SSPEC Version
80523PY350512 Q309 A4 ES
Model SSPEC Comment
P90 - Excellent Condition
Model Version Comment
K5-PR75ABR F Gold Top – RARE
K5-PR100ABR F Gold Top – RARE
K5-PR166ABX C Gold Top – RARE
K6-III+/550ACR A Highest Speed K6 – RARE